What is a MES system?

GRP is your expert for fully integrated process solutions.

By now, documented processes and a full integration of technologies are the industry standard. Due to the demand of constant quality, efficiency and cost overviews, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) gain more and more importance. Read more.

MES of the next generation

Industry 4.0 – GRP is the pioneer for your sustainable production!

GRP is currently developing a new generation of MES ​​systems. Global transparency and integration of the entire production management level are only few issues considered. This makes GRP your expert when it comes to innovative production. Read more.

Novelties and innovations

GRP is your partner for a sustainable future.

We are constantly working on a technical, organizational and strategic development. Intuitive user guidance, transparency and increasing efficiency are here in the foreground. Therefore, GRP has developed innovative new products for you. Read more.

Your expert for process optimization and MES – GRP refines industrial manufacturing processes.

Check with the holistic process-oriented industry solution of GRP and plan your production reliably and accurately.

Many customers appreciate the increased transparency in production and experiences of the GRP support services.

Plastics processing industry

The requirements in the plastics processing industry vary as much as the range of products. Hence, it is essential to optimize every detail in order to maximize the efficiency.

Automotive industry

Timely delivery of the correct amount of product in the required order. Just in sequence and Just in time are here the main challenges that GRP solutions solve for their users.

Machine, plant and tool manufacturing

It is important to consider many factors for an economic order planning and order organization for machine, plant and tool manufacturers. The challenges are immense and can be tackled with the innovative GRP solutions.

More industries…

It is only possible to create a perfect picture, if all items fit together. GRP solutions increase transparency and visibility across the entire shop floor, decrease costs and generate long-term profitability and security for its users.

How GRP generates success for YOU.

  • You increase the degree of capacity utilization of your machines.

  • You gain complete transparency of your processes.

  • Install today and tomorrow have access to all data.

  • You increase your employees’ motivation.

  • You decrease your production costs sustainably.

  • You recognize errors at an early stage and rectify them immediately.

  • You manage only one system and therefore reduce administrative costs.

  • You are auditable at any time since you have all reports and evaluations available.

  • You receive one of the most innovative systems in the world.

Take the next step and optimize your production.

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We have advantages: Customers receive fixed dates and we keep our promises.

We are informed and know what is going on. What, when and how – we can always provide information on the production of plastic parts.

We decide and take action. Production figures and data are the basis for continuous improvement processes.

The data acquisition system is well established in the production, production planning and business management.

With the demonstrated innovation of the company GRP, we will continue to have an advanced MES system.