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Isolated applications belong to the past.

Successful production management

The eye of management is basically always directed to the figures, data and facts. We always recommend a look at the people through who the value creation is achieved. For this, it needs the right decision bases at the right time at the right place with the right parties.

“As managers, we must learn to be what we really are: No commanders nor controllers, but catalysts and caretakers of a self-organizing system in an evolving environment” (Dr. Fred mouth Malik)

With GRP you gain precisely this security. Always decide with the correct information in mind on a familiar and generally accepted data base. By means of long-term analyses, many decisions can also be strengthened substantially and you become a “catalyst” within your own company.

All production information is available at any time for all the desired management requirements. The correct master data together with the process information provided is gathered in reports to the information needs of the individual person in charge. There are no wishes concerning open reports remaining.

Higher-ranking PPS systems are due to the strong commercial embossed perspective meaningfully not able to plan production orders with the engineering-requirements in detail. The problems for instance inaccurate termination, failure to take account of the current situation in production, lack of updating of contract maturities in production changes and machine malfunctions and failure to take account of the special features in logistics chains, each have been released.

The remedy is the GRP planning board, which – integrated in the GRP system – supports planners in all planning activities.

Basically all planning scenarios including parallel multi-stage planning are covered by this outstanding system solution!

Your advantages

  • You are working with the most innovative MES of the future.
  • You manage all evaluations, reports and master data from one location.
  • You control your entire shop-floor by means of one single system.

What customers say about us

The use of GRP software allows us to schedule the current production orders based on very flexibly configurable capacity targets, on both machine and human sides, and to simultaneously monitor them. The software also offers excellent opportunities to carry out evaluations in all areas (Downtime reason analysis, utilization analysis, etc.). We use the software additionally in the field of manual data acquisition, as well as for time recording of auxiliary equipment. The software can be very well and flexibly programmed. The support for troubleshooting and for the implementation of special solutions or interfaces is excellent.
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